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June 27 2017

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Space shuttle Atlantis launching [800x3000] : iBleeedorange || ourspaceisbeautiful.tumblr.com

June 21 2017

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Artist:  鳴乃りな/Rina Narino🍓 on IG

April 25 2017

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[white man in front is richard spencer] 


Her words, here stance, she is everything

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April 20 2017

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Finally, so sick of casual genders

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I found a place where you can buy books with just a small description so you won’t judge the book by its cover 💕

April 11 2017

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Illuminating Installation Features “Floating Whales” with Entire Worlds in Their Bodies by Isana Yamada 

(via My Modern Met)

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National Library - Beijing, China

March 30 2017

Brainfood I

There are many quotes and sayings. Some inspirational, other motivating, many annoying, many more never spoken by the person attributed to. But regardless of origin, there are always some sayings who influence ones thoughts or create new ones, sometimes even destroying whole ideas.

The following three quotes are following me since a few months, so I am now sharing them with you.

The first one is attributed to writer William Gibson:

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.

The second one is apparently unattributed:

If it’s inaccessible to the poor, it’s neither radical nor revolutionary.

Both quotes circle around many of my thoughts concerning technology and society, but also other topics. While both quotes are not very surprising, to some extend even obvious, they challenge an image of the world often created by those living in the mentioned future.

It is always easy to hide inside a techno-progressive bubble, often full of privileged people of all sorts. Ignoring the world outside, or looking at it through an Instagram filter. Ignoring the consequences of ones actions. Even ignoring the struggles and issues “inside”.

What is the meaning of changing the world for some, while at the same time ignoring others, or even contributing to the divide?

The third quite is the most controversial of the three. (Falsely?) attributed to Mahatma Gandhi:

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Controversial first of all because it ignores privilege and inequality. On the other hand, it highlights potential and, most important, responsibility. Nevertheless, it provides a good starting point.

March 20 2017

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Spent a whole day at National Library of China.

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March 16 2017

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Flatland II by Aydin Büyükta

A series of images by Turkish digital artist and photographer Aydin Büyükta inspired by Edwin Abbott’s book “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions.

Follow the Source Link for images sources and more information.

February 07 2017

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Brave Black Woman Stands Alone Against Hundreds Of Neo-Nazis

I know I keep re blogging this and I will continue to whenever I see it.

We are magnificent

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 Women’s March (January 21, 2017) 

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