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December 01 2016

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a 19th century edition of Rabelais which I bought for £1 from the Last Bookshop. Antiquarian books in foreign languages  (except Latin) are surprisingly  cheap  around here, probably marked down on the basis nobody can read that language anyway.

I haven’t found a date, but the editor. Louis Moland, appears to have been active from the 1870s through to the 1890s.

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November 21 2016

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November 17 2016

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Soap&Skin // Wiener Konzerthaus 2016 // ph. Patrick Münnich

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September 22 2016

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Antwerp, Zaha Hadid

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September 14 2016

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Modern society, bisexual becomes more and more, perhaps say, as a new human concept is more and more open, there are more and more bisexual choose out, with the development of bisexual, a growing number of bisexual people choose out, some bisexual bar, bisexual dating sites began to emerge. Bisexual group experience gradually strong, one day, bisexual are all approved, accepted.

August 29 2016

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